Structure and form dissolving in colour and dimension

Jonathan Berkh


Architecture and Design:

first remarkable impression: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart by James Stirling, then Bauhaus and Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray, then following the traces of high-rise architectural history in Chicago


M. C. Escher, Klee, Miró, Matisse

Stage 1:

having enjoyed professional training as a dancer and an actor, movement through space as such is a unique experience even though mostly reduced to first and third dimension.

Stage 2:

the space, the sphere of the stage, stage settings, scenery and light





its colours, its lines and spatial perspectives, ever changing and expanding horizon, its structure (molecular structure, regularity, laws of natural science), its dimensions - from the nucleus to the universe; its sounds, its movements (recognizable through water, wind, fire, light - unrecognizable because of lack of time)



challenging canvas, paper, paint, Chinese ink and utensils such as paintbrush, cloth and pencils to every possible extend





Composing the perfect chaos - leading to balance and harmony

Creating diffusion - even distribution of the objects and particles involved

Following the law of nature behind the chaos, when interpreting chaos as apparently random distribution. The aim is to achieve the maximum entropy (proportional and probable distribution) according to the natural process of accomplishing the condition of largest disorder.

Finding depths, dimensions and sometimes apparently impossible intertwining lines and spaces

Creating the third dimension - depth - on a two dimensional media

Creating flow and multidimensional sensations


Freedom of stroke, meaning to conduct the paintbrush and at the same time not to - leading to freedom of perception and interpretation


simple, focused, clear, precise, empathetic, deliberating, smart, open minded, curious, humorous - (and of course all the opposites, that by nature come with)

Take a moment, let your eyes wonder and find out where lines and dimensions will take you.