Sizes and technique

All works are acrylic paint, Chinese ink, pencils and crayons

sometimes coffee, tea, milk or liquors are used as paint (even on purpose)

The artworks on paper are sized

50 x 140 cm or

100 x 140 cm


are basically all different sizes - I just use them as the come along inspiring me

paper collages

are either around 120 x 85 cm or they are around 120 x 170 cm

The artworks on canvas vary in sizes.

The smallest ones are 90 x 100 cm - The biggest ones are 300 x 140 cm

I make a point to only sign my artworks when they leave the workshop, because this is the point when they actually are finished and no longer are in danger of being worked on. As long as they are in the workshop it absolutely might happen that the one or the other stroke of paint could be applied.

Sometimes they can be signed with more than one dates, when they have left for an exhibition and came back and then are being sold later.