Few years back actress Cécile Nordegg, known for her appearances in cinema, theatre and television aside artists like Oskar Werner, Helmuth Qualtinger, Vera Borek, Edith Nordegg, Daniel Mesguich, Daniel Emilfork, Walter Berry, Jean Kerchbron, Max Müller, Heiner Lauterbach, Matthieu Carrière and many more, decided to realise a long-held dream and focus on her career as a singer.

The results of this journey as No-Ce so far are the albums

no-ce . chansons . noce


. illusion .

released at Solo Musica / Sony




released by Johnny Matrix International


released by ROSSORI MUSIC

as well as the solo programs


Chansons Ordinaires


Jazz Proclamation

No-Ce meanwhile has about 100 songs in her repertoire which enables her to put together shows differently, depending on location and/or requests.

Realizing those programs she had the amazing pleasure to work with musicians like Walter Bass, Andreas Pirringer, Lenny Dickson, Richard Barnert, Alexander Lackner, LoÏc Dogon, Lone Madsen, Peter Müller, Andreas Wingert, Nogabe Randriaharimalala, Bertrand "Washasha X" Lettsome, Rick Musallam, Peter Frisée, Tom Müller, Wolfgang Laab, Stefan Gössinger, Klemens Hackl, Tahnée Nordegg, Robert Chionis, Deborah Henson-Conant, Scheila Gonzalez, Bunny Brunel, Billy Hulting, Philip Bynoe, Sam Willcox, Jay Roberts, JP Chiche just to name a few.